Voices From Across The Room

Voices From Across The Room

This blog, My Voice, represents my experiences as a human being and a cancer patient. I hope my writing will be helpful to people who experience cancer and well, life. But, it is not the only perspective.  Voices from Across the Room represents the experiences of those who have sat across from cancer patients in many different settings, doctor’s offices, hospitals, living rooms, and chemo clinics.  It is the expression of their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  I have amazing people to share in my cancer journey.  This is my tribute to them and their experiences.

One Angry Woman by Brianna Wright, Julie’s daughter

Anger is an emotion I became well acquainted with after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was angry that she had cancer.  I was angry that I couldn’t do anything about it.  I was angry at people who made inconsiderate comments about cancer.  I was angry at people who constantly asked me how my mom was doing.  I was angry at the anyone who looked at me the wrong way.  I think you get the point.  I spent a long time consumed by and controlled by anger.  But where did this anger really come from?  Was I really that angry or was it my fear expressing itself as anger?  I’d guess it was a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.  I really was angry about the cancer and the grief it had caused.  But if I’m being completely honest with you (and myself), I was filled with fear.  I was 25 years old and not ready to lose my mom.  I wasn’t ready to lose her love, her wisdom, her friendship, her comfort, her creativity, or her laughter.  So, while I can now identify that what I was really feeling was fear, what everyone else saw was one angry woman.

For DeLayne on her Walk through Cancer   Together We Stand

      by Lynn Hungness, Delayne’s Mom


Our circle of family, connected as one

Our hands held together, not letting go,

holding tight to the finish of each race to be won

A ring tightly bonded to move with the flow.

If one in that circle seems to falter, can’t stand

When at times it seems, there are more downs than ups.

There is love on each side to give them a hand

The glass once half empty, overflows and erupts.

The oceans of life push the shore with such force

The tide rushes in, then recedes

Our little circle of hands keeps us steady on course

Not to be crushed by life’s needs.

There’s no way to explain the comfort one feels

When that circle strengthens up for just them

When the waves crash in but can’t break the seals,

Like the tide we move in, again and again.

The Lord sees our circle and smiles down from above

We are grounded together and in Him

Like frosting, He covered us each with His love

Our Family tree is secured, limb to limb.

With Love and Support, Your Family….


What I Could Do By Brianna Wright, Julie’s daughter

What do I have to say about cancer that most people haven’t already heard?  It totally sucks… You can buy a shirt, hat, bracelet, probably even yoga pants with the phrase across the butt saying as much.  I don’t think I have some Mother Theresa or Gandhi type of insight into the world of cancer simply because I helped care for my mom when she was going through treatment.  I am simply a daughter who stood by her mom while she suffered at the hands of cancer.  I watched with devastation as each step of her treatment seemed to take a little bit more of her, and a selfish part of me feared for the day I might also have to suffer as she does.  I felt helpless, but did what I could to keep her as safe and healthy as possible.  That was all I could do.